About Us

Creating socioeconomic values,
introducing the benefits of progress to
the maximum number of people.

LC Premium

This is the mission we are committed towards all our clients and partners.

LCPremium is a company with strong and deep roots that allow us to achieve a wide range of businesses in several sectors, notably from the housing sector, equipment, automotive, among others.


With an experience of more than 1000 auctions carried out and with a success rate of around 90%, we are certain of our entrepreneurial capacity trading. But our vision beyond our roots, more ambition, so the search for new partners and business opportunities is becoming a target.

In the future, we continue to be recognized as an organization that creates value in the country for their creativity, innovation, and ability to implement new ways of trading, such as online auctions.

To keep winning, it takes an uneasy dynamic, ready to embrace new approaches to markets.

Authorization Title

Authorization title N.º 001 to exercise the activity, issue by the Directorate General of Economic Activities under Economic Activities under Art.º 5 of Decree-Law N.º 155 / 2015 of August 10, 2015.

We are a world of solutions, so Welcome!

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More than 25

More than 2000

More than 20000

To keep being victorious, its necessary a restless

dynamic, ready to embrace new ways

in the markets.