General Conditions of Sale by Electronic Auction

General Conditions of Sale by Electronic Auction

1. Bidders must register on the website, which must contain all the necessary identification elements and contacts, namely User, Email, Name, Surname, Company, Taxpayer Number, Address, Postal Code, Contact and proof of address in the mandatory fields.

2. Before placing a bid, confirmation of the e-mail account indicated in the previous registration will be requested, so that the process can proceed.

3. The bidder assumes the veracity of the entered data and, when bidding, the responsibility arising from such act, namely to acquire the good, for the value offered, in accordance with the provisions of the law and these conditions of sale.

4. The goods are sold in the place, conditions, physical and legal state in which they are found, so LC Premium, Lda. declines any responsibility regarding its condition or functioning.

5. The user cannot be logged in on more than one device at the same time.

6. A commission is added to the sale price for the services provided by LC Premium, Lda. plus VAT at the legal rate in force, which will be settled by the buyer at the time of the award.

a) 5% in the case of REAL ESTATE and respective VAT;

b) 10% in the case of MOVABLE PROPERTY and respective VAT;

c) Specific cases will be indicated in the conditions of sale of each process.


7.1. With the auction, 20% of the proposed value will be paid as a down payment and principle of payment;

7.2. The remaining amount will be paid on the date of the deed to be agreed between the parties.


8.1. With the auction, the total amount proposed and the respective VAT at the legal rate in force.

8.2. Non-payment of the price, non-collection of goods or withdrawal, may have the following implications:

(i) The sale is deemed void;

(ii) Not being able to compete for a new sale;

(iii) Be criminally and/or civilly liable for damages or losses caused.


9. If the adjudication/sale is annulled, given without effect or declared null by the person entitled to it, all amounts delivered to the Insolvent Estate will be returned in single to the bidder, the latter not being able to claim any compensation or indemnity from that whatever title.

9.1. The right of LC Premium, Lda. to the established remuneration is not removed, even if the adjudication/sale is annulled, given without effect or declared null by the rightful party, unless LC Premium, Lda. has culpably contributed to the defect that gave rise to them or could reasonably have known about it.


LC Premium Ltd. may request a deposit when registering for an Electronic Auction, which is intended to guarantee the proper functioning and security of sales. The payment of the deposit to be able to participate in some of our electronic auctions will be managed safely. We inform you that the payment of this deposit will be returned at the end of the auction. If the bidder does not comply with all the conditions imposed in this document, LC Premium, Lda. will have all the credibility not to return the deposit requested at the beginning of the auction.


11.1. The electronic auction will take place during the advertised period.

11.2. Each lot has the established bidding sale value indicated, from which bids will be accepted with a view to auctioning the good(s).

11.3. Bidders will be notified if there is a bid that exceeds their bid.

11.4. The offer or proposal registration is considered valid for a period of 45 days, only and only in the present diligence of sale.


12.1. The auction ends at the time determined by LC Premium, Lda., according to the server time where the platform is hosted.

12.2. If there are bids after the end time of the electronic auction, they will be accepted as long as they are made within the next 30 seconds, after the end time.

12.3. If there is an extension in any batch, the remaining batches will only close after the end of the previous batch and so on.

12.4. The Electronic Auction is terminated as soon as there are no more bids in progress.


13.1. The electronic auction cannot be used by persons who do not have full legal capacity to enter into onerous contracts, and cannot, in particular, be used by persons under the age of eighteen.

13.2. LC Premium Ltd. assumes no responsibility in the event that the user's browser does not automatically update.

13.3. LC Premium recommends using Google Chrome as the default browser.

13.4. LC Premium Ltd. does not assume any liability resulting from the fact that participants do not have full legal capacity to purchase the goods on sale.

13.5. Participants in the auction must inform LC Premium, Lda. of any situation that limits their legal capacity, considering that, if nothing is communicated in this regard, it will be assumed that they have full legal capacity.

13.6. The auction participant undertakes to keep the electronic auction access password confidential and may not use an access identification that he does not own. The auction participant assumes full responsibility for operations carried out through the use of this data, even by third parties, with or without their authorization, also assuming responsibility for not disclosing the access password.


14.1. LC Premium Ltd. may immediately terminate the contract entered into with the auction participant whenever the latter violates any legal provision or any provision of these General Conditions of Sale, as well as in the event that any fraudulent activity or connection to fraudulent activity promoted or carried out by the participant in the auction is detected. auction and related to the electronic auction.

14.2. In the event that an auction participant's account is suspended or cancelled, the obligations assumed by that auction participant, namely the obligation to promptly pay any sums owed and to conclude any business proposed as a buyer, are not extinguished. , and the auction participant must comply with such obligations.


15.1. When using the electronic auction, the participant undertakes not to adopt behavior that violates the current legal order or that harm interests or legally protected positions, and undertakes not to disturb or degrade the quality of the service.

15.2. The auction participant undertakes to observe all the procedures indicated by the auctioneer for the correct use of the electronic auction and to guide its action by high standards of seriousness, providing only true and up-to-date information.

15.3. Participation in an auction for speculative purposes is not permitted, with the aim of promoting an increase or decrease in the price of the auctioned product, either by launching purchase offers, or by inciting or provoking the launch of offers, and it is also not permitted to in no way manipulate the auction process or influence the behavior of other users of the electronic auction, as well as perform any act that implies an unjustified overload, or that may damage or interfere with the computer system of the electronic auction.

15.4. The auction participant assumes responsibility for completing the bids carried out through the Electronic Auction, namely that of acquiring the good for the price offered, as well as for complying with the respective applicable legislation.


16.1. LC Premium, Lda., is not responsible for damages that result from failures or deficiencies in the Electronic Auction or its maintenance operations, as well as for any unpredictable and insurmountable events, beyond its will or control, that prevent it, completely or partially, definitively or temporarily, to fulfill the obligations arising from the Contract and/or that result from non-compliance, delay or defective performance that are not attributable, by way of willful misconduct or serious fault, to the Auctioneer or its representatives, agents, assistants or any other person it uses to fulfill its obligations.

16.2. LC Premium Ltd. accepts no responsibility for printing and typing errors.

16.3. Given the difficulty of confirming the identity of Internet users, LC Premium, Lda. is not responsible for the correct identification of users of the electronic auction.


 a) Do not award, in case the values ​​obtained are considered insufficient;

 b) Cancel or suspend sales when they occur irregularly.


18.1. LC Premium, Lda., will collect and process the auction participant's personal data by computer, inserting them into an appropriate database and for which it will be responsible.

18.2. The personal data provided by the auction participant will be used exclusively for purposes related to the execution of the respective contract, as well as, if the auction participant so authorizes, for information and marketing activities of the company.

18.3. The auction participant undertakes to provide and keep their personal data up to date and true. Personal data relating to the mandatory completion of the membership form that are found to be incorrect or incomplete, constitute grounds for the immediate suspension or termination of the provision of the Electronic Auction, as well as for the termination of the respective contract.


The auction participant agrees to receive notifications related to the electronic auction.


20.1. For all matters not expressly regulated in these Sales Conditions, Portuguese law will apply.

20.2. The competent court in case of dispute in the interpretation or application of these terms and conditions, between LC Premium, Lda. and users will be the Comarca da Covilhã, with express waiver of any other.